Calculate Cat’s Age

How old is my cat? The age of dogs is usually deduced in a simple way: one year for dogs equals seven years for humans, also depending on the breed and weight of the dog. Now, how old is my cat? How many years do they usually live? From what age are felines considered “senior”? … Read more

Types of Frogs And Types of Poison Frogs

Characteristics of frogs Frogs are a genus of relatively small amphibians that range from just 8 millimeters to 30 centimeters . They are part of the group of anurans, or what is the same, tailless batrachians. However, despite not having this member in their adulthood, they do have very long and developed hind legs that … Read more

Animals With The Strongest Bite

Bengal Tiger, PSI: 1050 Bengal Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength. Despite their fearsome reputation, most tigers avoid humans, but the few who do not are responsible for the death of many humans in India, where these tigers live.   Hyena, PSI: 1100 This … Read more

Ant Live

The long life of ants depends on their species As curious as it may seem, the longevity of ants is a topic that has been the subject of several scientific studies over the years and, in fact, on previous occasions we have already told you about several of them, dedicating some very interesting that help … Read more

The Biggest Cats In The World

Cats have the nobility and courage typical of a true feline, but some breeds go beyond that greatness, and it is that physically, they are really giants. Either because of their height or their robustness, these cats do not usually go unnoticed.   Selkirk rex This breed is named after the Selkirk Mountains, in the … Read more

Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Here is a list of the most dangerous animals in the world: 1. The mosquito Mosquitoes, tiny flying insects, are often hosts to various parasites and viruses , some of them lethal. Thus, through their bite, they infect and spread diseases such as malaria, dengue or yellow fever, causing the death of 725,000 people a … Read more

Mammoths Became Extinct

Why the mammoths became extinct The mammoth, a large mastodon that lived during the ice age, is probably one of the most popular and charismatic animals that have become extinct. Perhaps that is why today there is a team of Harvard researchers who are trying, by crossing their DNA with that of Asian elephants, to … Read more

Differences Between African And Asian Elephants

Three classes of proboscideans are known (order of placental mammals, which includes elephants). Two live on the African continent: the Lexodonta cyclotis (forest elephant) and the Lexodonta africana (savanna elephant), but both are generically grouped as African elephants as they differ only in size. The third species is the Elephas maximus or Asian elephant or … Read more