Flying Dinosaurs

Everything about flying dinosaurs or pterosaurs (winged reptiles) is really wonderful. Compared to other more well-known and studied species of dinosaurs, scientists have found it a bit more difficult to agree on these creatures, because the archaeological findings have not been as abundant and illuminating. However, today there is a lot of information about it, … Read more

Blue Whale

The largest animal in the world is not the elephant, nor the rhinoceros, it is not really a land animal, since it is a marine mammal. We refer to the blue whale, considered the largest animal on our planet. The blue whale, the largest animal known throughout history, has suffered a lot due to human … Read more

Marine Animals

Characteristics and Types   In addition to covering an area of ​​more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean is of special importance to the human species. These immense bodies of water are home to ocean currents that determine the weather conditions in the world and govern the health of the planet. In addition, … Read more

How old did dinosaurs get?

How old did dinosaurs get? It’s hard to be sure how old dinosaurs were in life, but paleontologists have discovered ways to tell how long dinosaurs lived. These giants that populated the planet from about 200 million years ago to about 65 million years ago, do not stop generating hundreds of unknowns with each new … Read more

Dinosaurs History

Dinosaurs were large reptiles that lived 170 million years ago on Earth, from 230 million years ago, until they became extinct 65 million years ago.   How the dinosaurs disappeared How could such “huge” creatures end up disappearing? The answer to the extinction of the dinosaurs could not be given if we do not first … Read more

Homemade Food For Dogs And Cats

Homemade diets offer us the possibility of choosing first-hand the ingredients that we are going to put in our pets’ diets, we are going to be able to choose both the quality and the quantity of each nutrient. We are also going to avoid the use of ultra-processed food and therefore we are going to … Read more

What Is The Best Food For A Cat?

There are many options when it comes to feeding our cat, although, as we will see, not all of them are recommended . It goes without saying that we all want the best for our cat, the best bed, the best toys and of course, the best diet. Not only will a well-fed cat live … Read more

Tips For Caring For A Pregnant Cat

Usually, the pregnancy of the cats passes normally and without incidents. But to ensure that it is successful and concludes with the birth of a healthy litter, it is important that we take into account some basic care. Proper feeding at this stage or veterinary check-ups help the cat to prepare for this stage and … Read more

Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog

Having a dog implies a great responsibility. Although the tips to take care of your pet are simple, you should know that they will be for the rest of his life, therefore, taking care of your dog, or that dog that you intend to adopt, is not an easy task. In addition to providing the … Read more