How To Take Care Of A Cat And Groom It

Grooming your cat is not just about making your feline handsome: you remove dead hair, keep his fur and skin healthy, help you build a closer relationship and give you the opportunity to check his general health. Grooming is important when learning how to care for a cat , but thanks to its short and … Read more

Types of Marine Dinosaurs

Types of Marine Dinosaurs In the Mesozoic era a great diversification of reptiles took place. These animals colonized all media: land, air and water. Marine reptiles became enormous. This is why some people know them as marine dinosaurs. However, the great dinosaurs never colonized the oceans. In fact, the famous marine dinosaur from Jurassic World … Read more

Types of Herbivorous Dinosaurs

The word “dinosaur” comes from Latin and it is a neologism that paleontologist Richard Owen began to use, combining the Greek words “deinos” (terrible) and “sauros” (lizard), so its literal meaning would be “lizard terrible”. The name fits like a glove when we think of “Jurassic Park”,   The Mesozoic Era: The Age of Dinosaurs … Read more

Types of Carnivorous Dinosaurs

The word “dinosaur” translates to “terribly large lizard”, however, science has shown that not all of these reptiles were huge and that they were actually distant relatives of today’s lizards, so their offspring are not so huge. direct. What is indisputable is that they were truly amazing animals, which are still being studied today to … Read more

Types of Dinosaurs That Existed – Characteristics and Names

Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that appeared more than 230 million years ago. These animals diversified throughout the Mesozoic, giving rise to very different types of dinosaurs that colonized the entire planet and dominated the Earth.   Dinosaur Characteristics The superorder Dinosauria is a group of sauropsid animals that appeared during the Cretaceous period, … Read more