Calculate Cat’s Age

How old is my cat? The age of dogs is usually deduced in a simple way: one year for dogs equals seven years for humans, also depending on the breed and weight of the dog. Now, how old is my cat? How many years do they usually live? From what age are felines considered “senior”? … Read more

The Biggest Cats In The World

Cats have the nobility and courage typical of a true feline, but some breeds go beyond that greatness, and it is that physically, they are really giants. Either because of their height or their robustness, these cats do not usually go unnoticed.   Selkirk rex This breed is named after the Selkirk Mountains, in the … Read more

How To Take Care Of A Cat And Groom It

Grooming your cat is not just about making your feline handsome: you remove dead hair, keep his fur and skin healthy, help you build a closer relationship and give you the opportunity to check his general health. Grooming is important when learning how to care for a cat , but thanks to its short and … Read more