The Biggest Cats In The World

Cats have the nobility and courage typical of a true feline, but some breeds go beyond that greatness, and it is that physically, they are really giants. Either because of their height or their robustness, these cats do not usually go unnoticed.


Selkirk rex

This breed is named after the Selkirk Mountains, in the USA, where it first appeared in a litter born in an animal shelter in 1978. It has a more robust body with highly developed musculature, resulting in a weight of about 7 kilos when they are adults . They also stand out for their long and curly hair, which is why it requires long and repeated brushing to avoid knots. For this reason, in many countries it is known as “the Poodle cat”.



Cheetoh cats are very similar to a leopard, and in addition to their size, their colors are usually a very striking feature. When they reach adulthood they can weigh 10 kilos and be about 30 centimeters tall . They have a short coat and are very active and athletic despite their size, also characterized by their sweetness and sociable demeanor.


Maine coon

The breed is native to the State of Maine, in the United States. The male Maine coon can reach a whopping 70 centimeters in length and weigh close to 11 kilos. This surprising size is accompanied by an affectionate, sociable and very playful animal, which is also capable of meowing in different tones. Another peculiarity is that they tend to like water, due to their waterproof coat of hair.


Bengal cat

Also known as “leopard cat”, it is a large breed, native to the United States, which is very striking for its fur that is very similar to that of a wild leopard. It weighs around 5 and 6 kilos, however, some males have reached over 9 kilos in weight . It is known to be very active and curious, as well as playful and sociable with other individuals, with an outstanding intelligence compared to other races.



The Ragdoll cat is the result of multiple crosses between breeds such as the Persian, Siamese and Burmese cat, giving rise to a breed that can exceed 90 centimeters in length and weigh 9 kilos. They are usually calm cats and they like to sleep, in addition to that, something that characterizes them is that they are animals that require company because they cannot stand loneliness. They are known to have a long childhood, taking up to three years to fully complete their development and reach adulthood.


Van Turco

The Turkish Van cats find their origin in Lake Van, Turkey, where we find a climate of hot summers, and at the same time, harsh winters, making these cats have a surprising adaptive capacity. They are not usually very tall animals but they stand out for their great robustness, easily weighing 8 kilos when they are adults with a striking coat. The Turkish Van are a dominant breed , which needs a lot of attention to live with other cats.



The Highlander breed has distinctive ears and huge eyes as a result of directed crosses between American curls and bobcats. They can have a threatening appearance, but they are very docile and affectionate animals with a tendency to suffer stress if they are not accompanied and calm. They can weigh more than 9 kilos in adulthood.



The Ragamuffins can be considered as the improved race of the Ragdoll in terms of character. They also have a very long childhood and can live up to 18 years, but their character is more affectionate, sociable and playful, which facilitates their adaptation to life as a pet. Their weight in adulthood is around 7 kilos, although there are specimens that can weigh up to 14 kilos . A characteristic of these cats is that their head is usually large compared to the rest of their body.


Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian forest cat is a breed that stands out for its abundant fur , which allowed it to survive in the characteristic cold of the Scandinavian countries. These cats can weigh up to 9 kilos despite not being very tall, with a large coat capable of resisting water. As a curiosity, they are animals classified as an endemic breed in Norway.


British shorthair

We are sure that you have ever seen these adorable round gray cats with striking light eyes on the internet. The British shorthair cat, or also known as “British shorthair”, is the oldest recorded breed of English cat. It stands out for its abundant fur, typical of felines in cold climates, and an adult male usually weighs between 7 and 8 kilos . They are great hunters, with a docile and sociable character, allowing them to get along very well with other animals.


British longhair

This breed is younger than its short-haired “cousins”, but with long hair. In addition, it is also much more robust with a weight in adulthood of 9 kilos . Its long fur was initially considered a detour for the British feline family, but today it is a highly admired and desired aesthetic feature by many people.



Humans have always sought to domesticate wild cats in order to enjoy their beauty at home, and in the 1960s in the United States, scientists and cat breeders sought to combine the exotic appearance of the wild feline with the character of the domestic, obtaining the Chausie breed. Chausie cats have a very athletic body, with long legs that allow them to be a great jumper, and characteristic rounded ears with a tuft of fur reminiscent of a lynx. Its weight is 10 kilos in adulthood , with a loving character but in need of independence.



The Savannahs have a truly wild appearance, the result of crossing a domestic cat with a wild cat native to Africa. It emerged very few years ago, but despite its young appearance, it is already desired by many people due to its beauty. One of the most notable characteristics is its inordinate size, weighing up to 23 kilos . Unlike common house cats, the Savannah likes to walk down the street and have a very active life.



The Siberian cat is an animal with a robust complexion that can reach 9 kilos in weight, with abundant hair made up of 3 different layers giving it an adorable and affectionate appearance, in keeping with its true character. Unlike most cats, the Siberian likes to play with water and have an active life, running around every corner. It is considered one of the felines that can produce the least allergies , since it generates less FelD1 protein, which is responsible for more than 80% of allergies.


Brazilian short hair

This cat, as its name suggests, has its origin in Brazil, but it is descended from European breeds such as the Iberia felis, an animal that the Portuguese brought to Brazil years ago. There, he crossed paths with local felines, and thus this breed emerged, which was recognized a very short time ago. A Brazilian cat can weigh more than 10 kilos without showing overweight symptoms, but it is normally considered a medium-sized breed because they do not always have this ostentatious size.

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